Helix/HX Firmware 3.71

Helix/HX 3.71 (released Jan 10, 2024) includes additional important bug fixes, and is recommended for all users. IMPORTANT! 3.71 does not apply to HX Edit.

Bug Fixes

  • When running sufficient level into a Reverb > Dynamic Bloom block, audio clipping could occur—FIXED
  • The mono version of Reverb > Nonlinear exhibits a less-smooth decay than the stereo version, which is especially noticeable on percussive material. It also affects the stereo version if merged to a mono path or when utilizing a mono output—FIXED
  • When choosing the 30 Dynamic microphone at a distance of 7.0 ~ 11.75, Cab > WhoWatt Cab exhibits abnormal treble resonance—FIXED
  • Delay > Tesselator could exhibit unexpected behavior in 3.70—FIXED
  • Adjusting the Delay > Glitch Delay block's Time parameter could sometimes result in muted audio or other unexpected audio behavior—FIXED
  • Adjusting the IR > Dual block's Delay parameter could sometimes result in graphical anomalies—FIXED
  • Helix Native (Windows VST/AAX) only: Switching from certain reverb types to others (for example, from Hot Springs to Shimmer or Glitz to Shimmer) can result in DSP loss—FIXED
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

3.71 for HX One (released Feb 8, 2024) includes one important bug fix, and is recommended for all users:

  • HX One would only pass MIDI messages through on the MIDI channel it's set to (or when set to Omni, all channels). This clearly undermines the whole point of having MIDI thru at all—FIXED