Helix/HX Firmware 3.11

Bug Fixes

  • HX Stomp, HX Stomp XL only—If a custom label is not assigned, tapping a stomp switch with multiple assignments would display "MULTIPLE X" instead of displaying its assignments—FIXED
  • HX Stomp, HX Stomp XL only—Stomp mode footswitches would not follow the Global Settings > Displays > LED Ring Brightness value—FIXED
  • HX Stomp XL only—The colors for Distortion and Reverb boxes on Play view were reversed—FIXED
  • Receiving a MIDI CC67 could cause Helix LT to freeze—FIXED
  • In some cases, a MIDI snapshot (CC69) message could fail to be recognized if sent immediately after a PC message—FIXED

How do I update to 3.11?

Any chance you've already updated HX Edit to 3.01 (released on Feb 2, 2021) or 3.10 (released on April 15, 2021)? If so, just connect Helix/HX to your computer via USB and launch HX Edit. The software will walk you through the entire procedure, including backing everything up to your computer. If you updated HX Edit to 3.10, THAT IS THE NEWEST VERSION AS OF THIS WRITING.

I updated but why don't I see Model X?

HX Edit can't magically see new models added to your Helix/HX hardware; you must update HX Edit at well. Here's a link:

My Helix/HX is at version X.XX. Can I go straight to 3.11?

Absolutely, but note that if you're starting with a version lower than 2.80, the update will appear to happen twice. This is normal.

Anything else I should know?

Yes. We STRONGLY recommend performing a factory reset AFTER UPDATING your Helix/HX firmware to 3.11 and THEN RESTORING YOUR BACKUP. (Backing up is part of the update process). Here's how to perform a factory reset. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP FIRST, AS A FACTORY RESET WILL ERASE ALL YOUR WORK!

  • Helix Floor/LT: While holding footswitches 9 & 10 (bottom row, 2 middle switches), turn on Helix Floor/LT
  • Helix Rack: While holding knobs 5 & 6 (2 furthest right knobs below the screen), turn on Helix Rack
  • HX Effects: While holding footswitches 6 & TAP (2 farthest right switches on the bottom row), turn on HX Effects
  • HX Stomp: While holding footswitches 2 & 3, turn on HX Stomp
  • HX Stomp XL: While holding footswitches C & D, turn on HX Stomp

Known Issues in 3.10/3.11

  • User model defaults for Delay > Poly Sustain, Delay > Glitch Delay, Pitch/Synth > 12 String, and Looper > Shuffling Looper have been reset due to each model's new parameters—FIXED
  • Helix Native's performance can be laggy in new M1-based Apple computers
  • As Delay > Poly Sustain, Delay > Glitch Delay, Pitch/Synth > 12 String, and Looper > Shuffling Looper models have been updated, any existing user defaults for these models will need to be re-tweaked and saved again
  • In rare cases, after importing a .WAV file into the 'Empty' slot of an Impulse Response block set to the same index, all audio output can stop
  • Helix Floor/Rack/LT and HX Stomp only—Sending more than one MIDI program change messages one after another can sometimes cause HX Edit to lose connection
  • Helix LT only—FS1 and FS7 do not transmit Command Center messages
  • HX Stomp and XL only—Quickly scrolling across the signal flow view immediately after booting can sometimes cause HX Stomp/XL to freeze
  • HX Stomp and XL only—In rare cases, after restoring a 3.01 backup, parallel presets' blocks may be shifted one position to the right
  • Impulse responses with names consisting of more than 54 characters cannot be copied or exported