Helix/HX Firmware 3.01

Bug Fixes

  • In extremely rare cases with specific blocks in a specific order, audio could become severely corrupted–FIXED
  • In certain cases, the Delay > Glitch Delay can exhibit minor pops and clicks when placed on Path 2, regardless of where its Smoothing parameter is set (that is, not the good type of glitchiness)—FIXED
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements

Known Issues

  • Distortion > Vermin Dist's resonant filter was mapped incorrectly, and is especially apparent at higher gain settings. This will be fixed in 3.10
  • In the Poly Pitch models, very fast playing may exhibit some minor onset smearing. Additional improvements to the poly pitch engine are forthcoming
  • The Shuffling Looper does not currently respond to Command Center > HX Commands or per-function MIDI commands
  • Variax Model min and max sliders do not automatically update when a Variax is connected
  • After importing a .WAV file into the current 'Empty' slot of an Impulse Response block, all audio output can stop
  • When Tuner View is active while Spillover is engaged, changing presets can sometimes cause audio output to stop
  • Clearing a Split block on Path 2 does not automatically remove its bypass assignment