Helix/HX Firmware 2.92

Helix/HX 2.92 and Helix Native 1.92 include important bug fixes, and are strongly recommended for all Helix and HX owners. Doesn't matter what firmware your Helix/HX product is currently running; you can go straight to 2.92.


Carefully read and follow the update instructions below. If you don't—and then run to the forums asking why it's not working—the interwebs will make fun of you.

Updating Helix/HX Firmware to 2.92

Helix Floor, Helix Rack, Helix LT, HX Effects, HX Stomp

STEP 1—Updating HX Edit to 2.92

STEP 2—Updating Helix/HX Firmware to 2.92

  • If you have Helix Rack/Control, turn off Helix Control. Also, shut down all Line 6 software or any programs that use audio, like DAWs, iTunes, Spotify, video games, etc.
  • Connect your Helix/HX device to a Mac or PC via USB (do not use any sort of USB hub, which may include the front USB ports on towers) and turn it on.
  • Launch the new version of HX Edit 2.92 you installed in Step 1 above. If you're not signed in, click "Check for Updates" in the lower right corner and sign in. If you're already signed in, a dialog panel appears, indicating an update is available.
  • Click "Update Now." A window appears, asking you to back up your Helix/HX hardware. Click OK, optionally rename the backup and/or choose a different destination folder, and then click "Create Backup." IMPORTANT! Note the location where you've saved the backup.
  • Continue following the prompts. Once updated, the window reads "Update Complete" and your Helix/HX hardware begins rebuilding its presets; wait for this to complete and click "Back to HX Edit."
  • From the File pull-down menu, click "Restore from backup..." A dialog appears. Click "Restore Backup" and then "Yes."
  • Once the restore has finished, turn your Helix/HX product off and then on again.
  • If you have Helix Control connected to Helix Rack, turn on Helix Control. Helix Rack reads "Helix Control must be updated to work properly." Press Knob 6 (OK).

Updating Helix Native to 1.92

Helix Native

Bug Fixes in 2.92

  • When Global Settings > Footswitches > Stomp Select is set to "Off" or "Press," touch-holding switches could still result in assignment and swap dialogs—FIXED
  • The TAP LED in Helix Floor, Rack/Control, and LT could flash slightly slower than the actual tempo—FIXED
  • In HX Effects' Command Center, Hotkey commands could display values for HX Preset commands—FIXED
  • In HX Effects' Command Center, assigning a hold-type HX command could sometimes not engage properly—FIXED
  • Engaging the MODE switch while Global Settings were visible could result in unexpected behavior—FIXED
  • Engaging the MODE switch after selecting a different model during a bank queue could result in unexpected behavior—FIXED
  • In rare cases, bypass and parameter changes made from Helix Floor, Rack, or LT may not be reflected in HX Edit—FIXED
  • On Helix Floor and Helix Control's 1 Switch Looper scribble strip, Undo or Redo text could appear—FIXED
  • In HX Effects' Command Center, adding an HX hold-type command could result in an inverted switch state—FIXED
  • In HX Effects' Command Center, adding an HX Snapshot command could result in the wrong LED color—FIXED
  • In HX Effects' Command Center, engaging a HX Looper > 1/2 Speed or Full speed command could sometimes cause a lockup—FIXED
  • In rare cases on Helix Floor, Rack, or LT, renaming a snapshot could result in a preset change—FIXED
  • The polarity of some amp models was reversed in 2.91—FIXED
  • Dynamics > Rochester Comp could exhibit audible phase cancellation when its Mix parameter is set to 100%—FIXED
  • Dynamics > Rochester Comp now behaves as expected when the Ratio is set lower than 3:1—FIXED
  • In rare cases, scrolling quickly through the model list in HX Edit could cause the hardware to stop responding—FIXED
  • The Looper > 1 Switch Looper LED states would not function properly when controlled via incoming MIDI CCs—FIXED

Known Issues in 2.92

  • A slight thump can be heard when loading a Distortion > Kinky Boost, Arbitrator Fuzz, or Tycoctavia Fuzz model
  • While backing up, the scribble strip on FS8 can sometimes flicker (Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control)
  • In very rare cases, leaving the unit on for many hours can sometimes cause reverb models to cease outputting audio
  • In a preset with two IRs blocks, moving one IR block to Path B can sometimes cause the other IR block to reset its Impulse Response to slot 1
  • In rare cases, after exporting and then importing presets using HX Edit, the Split block's bypass state can sometimes change (Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT)
  • When using Blue Cat Audio's PatchWork VST host software, resizing the Helix Native window may not scale smoothly (Helix Native)