Common Terminology


This is a list of the most commonly used terminology found in the manuals for the Line 6 Helix, Helix Rack, Helix LT, HX Stomp, HX Stomp XL, and HX Effect.


Blocks are objects that represent various elements of your tone, such as amps, cabs, effects, splits, loopers, inputs, outputs, and impulse responses. The HX Stomp pedal can accommodate up to eight simultaneous amp, cab, IR, effects, and/or looper blocks, DSP permitting.


Controllers are used to adjust various parameters in real-time. For example, an external expression pedal can be used to control wah, or the mod wheel on your MIDI keyboard can be used to control delay feedback and reverb depth.


DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) refers to any computer (iPad or iPhone mobile devices) used for audio recording. The components of a DAW include an audio interface, audio recording software (such as Cubase®, Logic, GarageBand, Pro Tools®, etc.), and a monitoring system (amplifier & speakers or headphones). Helix functions as a high-performance USB 2.0 audio interface with all major DAW software


FRFR (Full Range, Flat Response) speakers have the ability to amplify a modeler without adversely affecting its tone, ensuring great detail, a wide sweet spot, predictability, and consistency from studio to stage. You could almost think of FRFR monitors as very loud, gig-ready studio monitors.


The Home screen is your primary workspace for creating and editing tones. If you ever get lost, press the home button to return to the Home screen. HX Effects has no home screen.


IRs (Impulse Responses) are mathematical functions representing the sonic measurements of audio systems. HX Stomp can store up to 128 custom or third-party IRs at a time.

L6 LINK provides easy, single-cable, digital audio connectivity and remote control ability between Helix and Line 6 Powercab® active guitar speaker systems and DT-Series amplifiers.


Each processing block can accommodate one model (or, in some cases, two models). Helix, LT, Rack, and HX Stomp includes over 80 guitar and bass amps, over 40 cabs, and over 220 effects models. HX Effects excludes amp and cab models.


A path represents the signal flow of your tone. HX Stomp as a single path while Helix, LT, and Rack have two separate paths. Each path has its own input(s) and output(s). Paths can be serial (single) or parallel (dual). Path 1 can be routed into path 2 (if available) for more sophisticated tones.


A preset is a collection of blocks. It consists of all effects, snapshots, footswitch assignments, controller assignments, and Command Center messages.


Sends and Returns are used to connect additional equipment for effects loops, processing multiple instruments simultaneously, connecting to your guitar amp via 4-Cable Method.

Helix and Rack have four mono sends and returns, but adjacent pairs can be selected for stereo operation. Helix LT and HX Effects have two mono sends and returns, which can also be paired for stereo operation. HX Stomp has a stereo TRS send and separate left and right returns.


A setlist is a collection of presets. Helix, LT, and Rack have eight setlists containing 128 presets each.


Variax isn’t just a great guitar, it also contains special electronics that recreate the sound of other specific guitars and instruments and allow for instant retuning of each string. Helix and Variax communicate with one another in unique and powerful ways.