Guitar Amp Models

Model Based On
A30 Fawn (Nrm & Brt) Vox® AC-30 Fawn (normal & bright channel)
ANGL Meteor ENGL® Fireball 100
Archetype (Clean & Lead) Paul Reed Smith® Archon® (clean & lead channels)
Brit 2204 Marshall® JCM-800
Brit J45 (Nrm & Brt) Marshall® JTM-45 (normal & bright channel)
Brit P75 (Nrm & Brt) Park® 75 (normal & bright channel)
Brit Plexi (Nrm, Brt, & Jumped) Marshall® Super Lead 100 (normal, bright, & jumped channel)
Brit Trem (Nrm, Brt, & Jump) Marshall® Plexi Tremolo 50 (normal, bright, & jumped channel)
Cali IV Rhythm 1, 2, & Lead MESA/Boogie® Mark IV (channel I, II, & lead)
Cali Rectifire MESA/Boogie® Dual Rectifier®
Cali Texas (Ch1 & Ch2) MESA/Boogie® Lonestar (clean & drive channel)
Cartographer Ben Adrian Cartographer
Derailed Ingrid Trainwreck Circuits® Express
Divided Duo ÷13 JRT 9/15
Essex A15 Vox® AC-15
Essex A30 Vox® AC-30 with top boost
Fullerton (Nrm, Brt, & Jump) 1958 Fender® 5C3 Tweed Deluxe
German Mahadeva Bogner® Shiva
German Ubersonic Bogner® Überschall®
Grammatico (Nrm, Brt, & Jump 2016 Grammatico® LaGrange
Interstate Zed Dr Z® Route 66
Jazz Rivet 120 Roland® JC-120 Jazz Chorus
Line 6 2204 Mod Line 6 Original
Line 6 Badonk Line 6 Original inspired by the original high gain Big Bottom model
Line 6 Doom Line 6 Original
Line 6 Elektrik Line 6 Original
Line 6 Epic Line 6 Original
Line 6 Fatality Line 6 Original
Line 6 Litigator Line 6 Original inspired by boutique mid-gain amps
Mail Order Twin Silvertone® 1484
Mandarin 80 Orange® OR80
Matchstick (Ch1, Ch2, Jumped) Matchless® DC30 (channel 1, 2, & jumped)
Placater (Clean & Dirty) Friedman® BE-100 (clean & be/hbe channel)
PV Panama Peavey® 5150 ®
Revv Gen Red Gain 2 channel of the Revv® Generator 120
Solo Lead (Clean, Crunch, & OD) Soldano SLO-100 (clean, crunch, & overdrive channel)
Soup Pro Supro® S6616
Stone Age 185 Gibson® EH-185
Tweed Blues (Nrm & Brt) Fender® Bassman® (normal & bright channel)
US Deluxe (Nrm & Vib) Fender® Deluxe Reverb® (normal & vibrato channel)
US Double (Nrm & Vib) Fender® Twin Reverb® (normal & vibrato channel)
US Small Tweed Fender® Champ®
Voltage Queen Victoria® Electro King
WhoWatt 100 Hiwatt® DR-103 Brill
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