Distortion Models

Model Based On
Ampeg Scrambler Ampeg Scrambler Bass Overdrive
Arbitrator Fuzz Arbiter® FuzzFace®
Bitcrusher Line 6 Original
Clawthorn Drive Wounded Paw Battering Ram bass overdrive
Compulsive Drive Fulltone® OCD
Deez One Mod BOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (Keeley mod version)
Deez One Vintage BOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (classic Made-in-Japan version)
Deranged Master Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster — WARNING! Like the real thing, this model can take your head off! Works best before a distorted amp
Dhyana Drive Hermida Zendrive
Hedgehog D9 MAXON® SD9 Sonic Distortion
Heir Apparent Analogman Prince of Tone (basically half a King of Tone)
Industrial Fuzz Z.Vex Fuzz Factory
Kinky Boost Xotic® EP Booster
KWB Benadrian Kowloon Walled Bunny Distortion
Megaphone Megaphone
Minotaur Klon® Centaur
Obsidian 7000 Darkglass Electronics® Microtubes B7K Ultra bass preamp/overdrive/EQ
Scream 808 Ibanez® TS808 Tube Screamer®
Stupor OD BOSS® SD-1 Overdrive
Teemah! Paul Cochrane Timmy® Overdrive
Thrifter Fuzz Line 6 Original
Tone Sovereign Analogman King of Tone V4 (basically two Prince of Tones in one)
Top Secret OD DOD® OD-250
Triangle Fuzz Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff π®
Tycoctavia Fuzz Tycobrahe® Octavia
Valve Driver Chandler Tube Driver
Vermin Dist Pro Co RAT
Wringer Fuzz Garbage's modded BOSS® FZ-2
ZeroAmp Bass DI Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI V1
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