Tip: Global Guitar PAD

“Offically” in the manual, the Global Guitar PAD is for “hot” pickups.

The Helix and LT ship with it OFF by default – it measures in at approx. 5.5db in the analog pre-converter stage.

Like all real [ tube ] amp front ends, you need to give the pre-amp room to work and breathe – hit it too hard and it all starts to sound too-gained-up / too-spitty / too-fitzy.

If your guitar, such as a Les Paul Standard, has either mild-HB’s or P90’s… your tones will be much better with the Guitar PAD turned ON for all of your sounds.

If, with it ON, you need a bit more gain / grunt, just bump up the Amp Block gain.

With the Global Guitar PAD OFF, (while using a guitar with “hot” pickups) the tones are hot / gainy / compressed. This can sound “instantly gratifying” at home levels but once you turn the volume up at a live-gig, your tones will diminish in quality.

Keeping it ON globally can help in massively opening up the “air” in the gain and the EQ.

One thought on “Tip: Global Guitar PAD

  1. Excellent comment!
    I turned the Pad on and my guitar tone improved nicely.
    My pickups are mid-high output and I use the 4-cable method mostly.


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