PV Panama

Based on the Peavey® 5150®



The Peavey 5150 is an all-tube guitar amplifier 1992 on, initially as a signature model for Eddie Van Halen.

The Peavey 5150 has four Tube 6L6 Power Tubes, and five 12AX7 Tubes in the preamplifier staging (with one as a phase inverter.) Despite its shared “plain” PCB, each component was generally high quality, allowing manufacturing ease while providing high quality tone.

A defining attribute largely responsible for the 5150 sound is the fixed bias, set to a lower value which resulted in the Power Tubes running at a lower energy commonly known as “cold-biased“, resulted in a more controllable gain setting, allowing such a heavy amount of gain to be applied without sacrificing tonal definition.

Excellent frequency response (largely attributable to the vacuum tube amplification), and clarity with heavy gain. Its cultural significance in Hard Rock, later Metal, as a unique product with a unique tone.

Well known for its high gain overdrive channel, and has seen widespread use by rock, hardcore and metal guitarists. An early breakthrough was its use by Colin Richardson and Andy Sneap, two “seminal” British producers of heavy metal; especially Machine Head’s Burn My Eyes (1994) helped the 5150 gain a reputation for its sound, which “defined a generation of guitar tone”.

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